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 Applicant Instructions

This is an application for Fruitdale sanitation district sanitary sewer connection.
Please read the partial rules and regulations carefully then fill out the application and submit it to the district office.
Once we have your completed application we will compute your connection fees based on the information you have submitted.
We will then send you the amount owed. Please supply contact information so you can be reached in case the district has any questions concerning your application.
All connections to the district sewer system shall be made only by a licensed drain layer.

All connection fees must be paid in full and drain layers license and insurers shall we occurred before any work can begin.  If you have any questions feel free to contact the district

Information message

Partial Rules and Regulation

Section 3.04.  Size of Sewer Service Lines .  The sanitary sewer service line shall not be less than four inches in diameter and shall be sound throughout.  The sewer service line shall in no instance be smaller than the building drain.  At locations where the public sewer is less than four inches larger than the service line and no appropriate fitting exists in the public sewer, the connection to the public sewer shall be made by constructing a manhole in compliance with the District's standards for such construction.

Section 3.06.  Grade and Alignment.  Sewer service lines shall be laid on a uniform grade, free of ups and downs, to good alignment, and free of abrupt bends, unless appropriate fittings are used.  Grade shall not be flatter than one percent or one-eighth inch per foot.

Section 3.07.  Installation .  Sewer service line construction procedures and techniques shall be the responsibility of the licensed drain layer and shall conform to American Society for Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M.) or American Water Works Association (A.W.W.A.) standard specifications applicable to the particular pipe and joint materials in use.  The drain layer’s procedures and operations shall also conform to all requirements of any entities exercising jurisdiction over occupational safety and health.

Section 3.09.  Inspection .  No part of the trench in which the completed sewer service line is laid shall be backfilled, or otherwise covered, until final inspection and approval is made by the Inspector for the District.  Arrangements shall be made for the District's Inspector to make his inspection of the completed construction prior to the start of backfill operations. In any case when the drain layer and the Inspector for the District cannot agree upon the acceptability of the installation, the matter shall be investigated by the Engineer for the District and his decision shall be final. Connections made without inspection by the District shall void the tap permit and no refund shall be made of the permit fee.  

Section 3.13.  Unauthorized Connections Any connection made to a public sewer line without first obtaining (a) a permit, (b) a drain layer’s license, and (c) the approval and consent of the District Engineer or his designee, shall be disconnected by the District at the cost of the person making such unauthorized connection. If any person violates the Rules and Regulations of the District governing the installation, connection and repair of the service lines, such connections to the public sewer line shall be disconnected by the District Engineer or his designee at the cost of the person making such unauthorized connection. Such costs of disconnection until paid shall constitute a lien against the property upon which such unauthorized connection was attempted to be made. In the event that the unauthorized connection was made by a licensed drain layer, he may be subject to the revocation of his drain layer’s license.

Section 3.16.  Miscellaneous Drains Roof drains, footing drains, storm drains, sump pumps and similar items designed to accommodate storm or sub-surface waters shall not be connected to any service line or to the public sewer.

Section 4.01.  Service Line No sewer service line shall be connected to or disconnected from the facilities of the District without a permit from the District.  Every application for a permit to connect to the District’s public sewer system shall be accompanied by payment of the applicable connection fee and an inspection fee in the amount set forth in the Schedule of Fees and Charges attached as Appendix 3 hereto.

Section 4.02.  Performance of the Permit .  No person other than a licensed drain layer shall connect a service line to or disconnect a service line from the facilities of the District as allowed by the permit.

Section 4.03.  Separate Permit Each permit shall specify the number of connections or disconnections allowed to be made to the public sewer system. The manner of connection or disconnection shall be determined and all permit fees shall be calculated in accordance with the relevant rules of the District. A permit shall apply only to that property specified within the application and shall not be transferable to any other property. A permit shall expire automatically 180 days after the date of issuance of the permit.

Section 4.06.  Permits by Others No permit by the District shall be taken as authority for the making of any cut in a road or street, or in lieu of any permit required by any other regulatory body.

Section 5.01.  License Required .  No person shall construct or repair a service line or construct or repair a public sewer within the District without first obtaining a license to do so from the District.

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